Single Mum $75.00

  • 6.5" flower
  • three (3) trinkets
  • two (2) 3" bears

Large Single Mum available with the following flower options:

  • 7" Mum Flower

  • 9" Mum Flower

These come with designer ribbon, beads ,braid and bell.

Our double can include the following

Small double has 6.5 inch flowers

Texas sized double has 7 inch flowers

These come with the base, boa, beads, braid and bells.

Double Garter

Small  5 inch flowers ,with points

​Texas size double 7 inch flowers, with ruffle or points.

These come with base ,boa, chain bells designer ribbon, 2 braids 6 trinkets.

Triple MUM

All of our ready to buy triples are unique and not 2 are the same they range from 150.00 up 

Yes you can do it for less, but we have noticed that people will buy from 5 different stores, think they have saved.

However in truth they overspend. There $85.00 triple really cost them $200.00 or more.

​Don't be fooled we are here to guide and give you the best value for your money.

Triple Garters

Garters range in size and price depending on your selections. They include a Small 3.5 inch bear, flowers, a boa, a braid, bells  and trinkets.

Medium triple garters include 3, 7 inch flowers

Large triple garter include 3, 9 inch flowers

All come with a Bandana for an easy tie on for your date.

These prices are  for ready to buy mums and garters! You may purchase ​these at the store.