There are some rules to buying a mum ........

Each class has its traditions as follows:

Freshman : One Flower

​Sophmore :
Two Flowers A small or  Texas size double decorated

with activities of the girl and boy.

A small Triple  will do. It usually has 2 bears or plush of your choice.

​Senior :
Is whatever u want to make it from a super size triple to a over the top shape that is only one of a kind . If you can dream it we can make it.

Double Garter

Small  5 inch flowers ,with points

​Texas size double 7 inch flowers, with ruffle or points.

These come with base ,boa, chain bells designer ribbon, 2 braids 6 trinkets.

Triple MUM

All of our ready to buy triples are unique and not 2 are the same they range from 150.00 up

Yes you can do it for less, but we have noticed that people will buy from 5 different stores, think they have saved.

However in truth they overspend. There $85.00 triple really cost them $200.00 or more.

​Don't be fooled we are here to guide and give you the best value for your money.

Triple Garters

Garters range in size and price depending on your selections. They include a Small 3.5 inch bear, flowers, a boa, a braid, bells  and trinkets.

Medium triple garters include 3, 7 inch flowers

Large triple garter include 3, 9 inch flowers

All come with a Bandana for an easy tie on for your date.

These prices are  for ready to buy mums and garters! You may purchase ​these at the store.

Mums Sizes
A few suggestions by size!

We like this size for middle schools or freshman the starting price is

$75.00 for a mum 6.5 in flower

$50.00 for a garter 5.5 in flower

Comes with 3 trinkets and 2 three inch bears.

Large Single available with the following flower options

 7 inch flower

 9 inch flower

 garters with 7 inch flower

These come with designer ribbon, beads ,braid and bell.

Our double can include the following

Small double has 6.5 inch flowers

Texas sized double has 7 inch flowers

These come with the base, boa, beads, braid and bells.

Ready to buy a mum or garter !

We will have an ample  supply of mums and garters in all sizes  ready for purchase. Everything that you need to personalize it for your date is available.

Supplies and bling

We have an ample supply of everything you need to create a mum or garter that will be better than any around. Weather you are a cheerleader, in band or a sports hero, we have it all to make your mum or garter special.

Value !!!

The value of our mums and garters are far superior then any available in the area.

Our quality is unsurpassed.